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Priyandarshini which all are sponsored by Shri Sumer and Smt. Vallabh Mehta (Parents of PRID Shekhar) and by PRID Shekhar Mehta on account of 60th wedding anniversary of Shri Sumer and Smt. Vallabh. It was extraordinary happiness to see the special couple and Mrs. Rashmi come to this meeting and stay till the end. A host of Lions were present. The current Governor, IPDG, past governors, district officials and secretary and other members of Lions Club were all present and were happy to see the facilities. The joint work by Lions and Rotary was deeply appreciated. They have promised many more surgeries. No praise will be enough for Rtn. Praveen Jain for handling the entire function. he ensured that everything went perfectly and smoothly. PP Mahesh Shah, PP Pradeep Rawat, Rtn. Chitra and Shri Manoj Agarwal, Rtn. Vinod and Jyoti Mahipal and Club President also attended. Many more endeavors of such nature shall surely make our Netralaya even more popular and sustaining.

During the month of August our OPD is being carried out on a regular basis; 291 surgeries have taken place.
On 1st September 2016, 44 surgeries have taken place.

On 4th September 2016, our Club welcomed members from Rotary Clubs of Visionaries and Yuvis to our Netralaya. They appreciated the facilities and assured about sending patients post holding camps where technicians from our Netralaya will go. On that day 35 IOL surgeries were carried out.

Rotary Club of Calcutta Mahanagar has set up the Netralaya in February, 2011 in technical collaboration with L.V.Prasad Eye Institute Hyderabad in an area of 4500 sq.ft. It has provision for two operation theatre. One is operational now. All the protocols of L.V Prasad Eye Institute are being adopted to provide best eye care to both paying and non paying patients. It is equipped with latest state of art machines viz. Micro Scopes, Refractometers, Micro Surgery Calbipolar coagulator-Cautery, Phaco machine and other ancillary equipments necessary for investigations & Surgical procedures.

The number of IOL transplants done at the Centre is rising and is likely to touch a figure of 3000 in 2015-16. More than 90% of these are done free of cost. The Centre is strategically located in the heart of Beliaghata which owing to its proximity to Sealdah Station is connected to the adjoining West Bengal. The OPD also has a regular stream of visitors to the Centre for diagnosis and advise. There is a spectacle shop where the patients can buy at reasonable costs.

Specification and Technical Details Objective:

To provide best eye care to all sections of society by using state of art technology.


OPD – Investigations / Medicines / Spaces etc. – About Rs.600/- per patient (variable) IOL – About Rs.2000/- per patient for IOL using Phaco and Rs.3000/- per patient by using Phaco.


Eyesight is one of the most generous gifts of god for living being. A person slightly deprived of this gift can only express his feeling once he/she gets back the eye sight. No words can convey this joy and delight. We have in India very high number of aged and economically challenged persons in need of removal of cataract through IOL transplants. Such projects are greatly needed by the society to serve the poor and needy. Beneficiaries gain a new life by being able to see the world once again clearly. They and their families spread the goodwill to the community at large. Further, camps and special events are regularly held in different localities for checkup, awareness and recommendations for IOL if necessary.


The name of the partnering organization can feature prominently the Eye Care Centre signages and stationary.  The patients and family recognize and appreciate the involvement of the partnering organizations in projects such as these, and there is a general sense of goodwill. In the events organized by the Club at the Centre, the contribution of partnering organization shall be prominently showcased. The partnering organizations get recognition worldwide since the project is showcased in the Rotary World through website, bulletin and news magazines of the Club.
The Club will take due care to publish and print the names of the partners in all publicity campaigns and functions held by the Club all round the year.
The partnering organizations can recommend patients which can add to their goodwill.


Every patient whether OPD & IOL is registered at the hospital and records and data are vetted/ checked by committee on a regular basis. Partnering organizations shall have complete access to these data. During the year 2014-15, the Centre has conducted 2332 OPD and 1760 IOL transplants.


The hospital is fully staffed with accountant, cashier, manager etc. who reports to committee on weekly basis. The hospital is run as an independent entity keeping all records of patients and treatment done and books of account. A separate committee oversees the entire accounting.


With support from partnering organizations, the hospital can very easily add new facilities to provide wide ranging benefits to the Society. The following facilities with a cost of about 90 lacs has been identified for enhancement at present. Specular microscope with in built Pachemetry, Perimeter, Yag LASER, USG, Child vision equipment, Vitrectomy probe with accessories, Optical Unit, OCT, Digital Fluorescence Angiogram.


CSR Secretariat : E-302F Kamlalaya Centre, 156A Lenin Sarani, Kolkata – 700 013
CSR Principal Contact: Rtn. Vinay Kumar Agarwal (+91 93310-17111, vkacompany@gmail.com)
csr.rotarymahanagar@gmail.com | www.rotarycalmahanagar.org.in

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