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Shelter kit preparation

The experience of handling the relief and rehab operation to Tsunami affected taught us to create a Shelter kit which compromises all the items a family of four would need at the time of dislocation from

The homes due to calamities. The items were carefully selected and included tarpaulins, utensils and jars, clothing for gents, ladies and children, cooking necessities, water purifiers, lanterns, mosquito nets etc. Several fellow rotary clubs and organizations, consulates and other NGO’s have since joined hands

With the club for creation of several thousand shelter kits which have been sent to the several calamities that have happened over the years in different parts of India starting from Kashmir, Bihar, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Sunderbans etc. The pictures have each to tell….


Tsunami and aftermath

The miseries caused by the news Tsunami and its effect propelled the members of the club to get together and compile, sort and send relief materials to Andaman & Nicobar Island. The visits to Andaman & Nicobar island to distribute the materials brought to fore the extreme need for temporary shelters to be created for the marooned and distraught. The club and similarly minded people responded and soon the temporary shelters were a reality.

Specification and Technical Details List of Items in a Shelter Kit:

1 Pc Trunk, 2 Pcs Tarpulin, 2 Pcs Linen, 2 Pcs Blanket, 4 Pcs Steel Plate, 4 Pcs Glass, 1 Pc Kerosene Stove, 1 Pc Lantern, 1 Pc Jerrycan For Water(10Ltrs), 1 Pc Jerrycan For Kerosene(5Ltrs), 1 Pc Handi with (Lid), 1 Pc Kadai, 1 Pcs Gamla(Steel), 1 Pc Sandasi, 1 Pc Khunti, 1 Pc Hata, 1 Pc Bucket, 1 Pc Mug, 1 Pcs Jug, 1 Pc Washing Soap, 1 Pc Lifeboy Soap, 1 Pc Colgate Tooth Powder, 2 Pcs Lungi, 2 Pcs Saree, 1 Pc Lock, 1 Pc T.Shirt, 2 Pcs Towel, 2 Pcs Pant, 1 Pc Night Gown, 1 Pc Blouse, 1 Pc Peticot, Dori, Mosquito Net, Candle, Match Box, Chlorine Tablet , 1 Pc Children Vest.

Cost per Kit:

About Rs.5000/-

Safety, Security, Success and Satisfacton:

The entire procurement, packing and distribution is done through members of Rotary making it perfectly safe, secure and successful. The box is an innovative idea of the Club which has received all around acclaim. The government machinery has facilitated the transport of these kits to disaster prone areas. The satisfaction is guaranteed since the materials reach the beneficiaries directly.


The Project impacts the affected family instantaneously. The family gets almost all the materials it needs to sustain. They start rebuilding make-shift shelter with the tarpaulin sheets they receive in the Shelter Kit. The Shelter Kit provides the minimum support for the family which then helps the family in resettling themselves in due course.
Ready to use stock of Kits can reach any destination in a matter of hours and days aboard flights, trains, trucks and other means of transport.


The Kits have a distinct visibility during packing, transport, delivery and subsequent use. The logos and names printed on the Boxes have an immediate recognition. The sponsors get immediate recognition locally and at places of impact. The sponsors get recognition worldwide since the same are showcased in the Rotary World through website, bulletin and news magazines. The Club will take due care to publish and print the names of the partners in all publicity campaigns and functions held by the Club all round the year.


The impact of the Project is measurable. The number of Kits readied, despatched and delivered are all quantifiable and the number of beneficiaries are measurable.


A dedicated Committee of the Club is always in charge of the Project. The Project is now running for more than five years under the Committee. The entire accountability for the use of the funds shall be with the Club led by the dedicated Committee.


With the joining of hands between the Club and partnering Corporates the Project can be scaled up tremendously. A stock of 1000 Kit can impact the families affected by disaster immediately.

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