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Holi Meet on 13th March 2017 at Mahanagar Peace Park, Kolkata

Phoolon Ki Holi

On 13 th march our club organised one of the most awaited fellowship at Peace park “Holi ki hurdung”. The weather was perfect and the decoration was also too good. The gate was very well decorated and the photoframes of the flowers made peace park all the more beautiful.The full moon gave the final touch to the ambience. The programme began with soulful music  and songs followed by dancing numbers.  Rtn. Jyoti Mahipal sang couplets giving titles to all the members as well as spouses . Everybody enjoyed the titles with a little spice after all  “bura na mano holi hai!”After this there was phoolon ki holi which was enjoyed a lot by everybody.  Flower shower indeed . All this was enjoyed along with stock exchange chai toast and sumtuous chaats. It was one of the most memorable holi . Three cheers for fellowship committee. Hip hip hurray !!

Friends the Holi fellowship could be possible due to phenominal efforts of PP Rtn. Anand Sureka, Rtn. Raj Somani, Rtn. Ashok K. Singhvi, Rtn. Jyoti Mahipal, Ann. Jyoti Sureka, Ann. Neelam Singhvi, Ann. Kavita Biyani, Ann. Sonal Tibrewal, the peacepark caretaker Mr. Shyam. Kudos to all of them.

Yoga & Pranayam session on 26th February 2017 at Mahanagar Peace Park, Kolkata

Yoga has been gaining immense popularity due the short-term as well as long-term benefits that it provides. The aims of the yoga enthusiasts are extremely varied. Some are particularly inspired by the Spiritual Element that yoga provides; others by the increased Fitness and Flexibility that it results in.

On 26th February 2017 our Club organized a Yoga Session at Mahanagar Peace Park. At 6.15 am members came with ready to do yoga at the solemn and peaceful environment of the Mahanagar Peace Park. The Yoga was conducted by Miss Rituparna Samanta. After followed the different form of Yoga, the session finally ended with pranayam and meditation. This was followed by cakes, tea and cookies. It was a good experience og yoga with beautiful morning. The Club thanks Rtn. Pawan Kothari for getting a competent yoga expert and also PP Harkesh Gupta for bringing healthy refreshments. No amount of thanks is good for PP Anand Sureka who has maintained this park so beautifully.

Valentines Eve on 18th February 2017 at HHI

RCCM celebrated their Valentine’s Day with a special twist, as always a special ode to the double anniversary celebrations of PP Rtn. Pradeep & Sudha Rawat and PRID Rtn. Shekhar & Rashi Mehta. It was cheers to 53 years and 33 years respectively! Love was in the air with both our younge swinging couples!

President Deepak, First Lady Ritu IPP Raakesh and Rashmi had enthused the color coded venue, Underground Lounge at HHI, with their trademark personal touch of full-on masti, fun and laughter and games. The entire conception, ecards, decoration, gift was all organized by Ann. Rashmi Jain supported by IPP Raakesh. Rtn. Jyoti Mahipal took care of balloon decor. We loved the unique titles and gifts awarded to the night’s winning couples.

It was thumbs up all the way-friendship, food, music and ambience crowned as always, by the presence of our very own RCCM family.

Mahanagar Picnic on 26th January 2017 at Dalmia Farmhouse, S24PGS

26th January, our Republic Day was celebrated with flag hosting by Mrs. Radha Devi Choudhury and young Shiven Kedia following by some lovely songs led by Rtn. Jyoti Mahipal, Rtn. Anoop Kedia, Ann. Aparna Biyani, Riya Singhvi and others. After gobbling a lovely spread of breakfast participants went into overdrive of Cricket. 2 matches were played and the competition was as tough as it could be. Then Ann. Shilpa Kedia took over with a barrage of games one after the other in the Shamiana. Football, Kite flying, Badminton, Musical Chair, Tug of war and several other games were enjoyed. Participants were divided into four teams since beginning and vied for every prize on the offer. The lunch and all time snacks, tea, juice was aplenty and available all the time.

Several person deserve special credit for this day full of enjoyment. Firstly let me express thanks to Rtn. Binod Dalmia who has been providing this beautiful venue for years together now. He never says no and happily allows the Club to host its picnic there. Kudos to Rtn. Shilpa Kedia who single handedly took care of the e-invite, decor, prints and games. The venue looked amazing with lovely decoration and signage. Rtn. Raj Somani and Rtn. Ashok Singhvi took care of the entire food and other arrangements and Rtn. Jyoti Mahipal took care of the songs. All in a wonderful day well spent.

Yoga & Pranayam Session on 15th January 2017 at Mahanagar Peace Park, Kolkata

On 15th January 2017 our club organised a Yoga session at Mahanagar Peace Park. President Deepak Choudhury had made excellent arrangements. At 6.30 am members came with their yoga mats to attend the session. It was organised by Sudhir Sir, Chairashree Madam and Abhishek sir of Mystic Yoga. The ambience and weather was excellent. Doing yoga under the sky with nature was a different experience all together. abhishek Sir began the session with Surya Namaskar in a different styles followed by rigorous yoga mudras. It was interesting and all of us tried our best to do the aasanas. Some could do it very easily while others were trying their best. The session finally ended with pranayams an meditation. This followed by hot turmeric and ginger tea along with cookies. Ann. Rashmi Jain brought sprouts for everybody. We all loved the healthy breakfast. It was a mystic experience indeed.

Dewali Meet on 27th October 2016 at Haldiram’s, Ballygunge


An occasion to celebrate victory over defeat and light over darkness, Diwali is a festival which illuminates our life. Keeping this fact intact, the Dewali celebration of Rotary Club of Calcutta Mahanagar was one such event which in its own unique way enhance the festival mood.

The banquet hall of Haldiram’s on 27th October showcased the blend of ethnicity and modernity. Men and Women clad in ethnic dress spoke out the rich tradition of our Country. In one of its kind play, the Rotary Lets of our Club displayed their talent through ‘Ram-Leela’ which was innovatively recited in English Language. The Tiny Tots in the perfect epical attire showcased how multi-talented our kids are.

‘Tol Mol ke Bol’- a guess the price show conducted by Ann. Ritu Choudhury and Ann. Jyoti Sureka was the icing on cake and was enough to prove that the Mahanagarians also had a good idea of products and their market price.

When it comes to Dewali celebration, lottery is something which comes first in our mind. Lucky draw was conducted by President Rtn. Deepak Choudhury and the Lucky ones were showered with silver coins.

And yes! The sumptuous  Rajasthani Cuisine not only tickled the taste buds but also made the evening a complete one. After lots of fun and frolic, the Mahanagarians went back home with many sweet memories and colorful gifts.

Harmonica at Peace Park on 25th September 2016

Harmonica at Peace Park

On 25th September, Sunday morning, we witnessed, perfect harmony of nature and Harmonica. In one hand, lush green grass bed covered with blooming flowers were enchanting our soul, in other hand melodious tunes of mouth organ by Harmonica band quenched our ears. Truly, our walking shoes became our dancing shoes on the rhythmic tunes. It was a Perfect morning starter for peace seekers and fun lovers.

Harmonica band is a group of amateur artists, who agreed to perform in our peace park to entertain music lovers. Our fellowship committee led by Rtn. Anand Sureka, put up their best effort to make this event a grand success. About 30 members along with spouses were present in the event. Program followed by tea and snacks. As told by committee, we shall have such event every alternate month.

Vande Mataram- The Significant Unknown on 18th September 2016 at ICCR

Rotary Club of Calcutta Mahanagar has talent unlimited. Truly speaking we have honchos in almost every field. To sight the most recent was the Drama “The Significant Unknown” on 18.09.2016 conceptualized and scripted by none other than Rtn. Pradeep Rawat. He not only has a flawless flair in writing but is also blessed with the gift of the gab and with unmatched skills in creativity.

Post Battle of Plassey, the British atrocities on Indians reached peak of bigotry. Our own land lords and Jagirdars become subservient to the British lordship and the common man become the victim of ghoulish torture. This continued to enrage the people of our country and that is where the revolution began.

Capturing the said cause and effect, the drama started with the melodious ‘Mahishasur Mardini’ depicting the reign of the power of truth over any evil. Nina Gupta, Ritu Choudhury and Neelam Singhvi rolled out an excellent livid performance with their actions and expressions depicting every word of the lyrics- ‘Jai Jai he Mahishasur Mardini….’. The choreographer was Suman Saraogi and direction of the play was by Kartikey. This was followed by a recalling of the path of independence which was carved with some of the less prominent but defiant dare devils like Bina Das, Pritilata Wadedar and Kanaklata Barua filling us with awe, inspiration, confidence and courage to yank off any can of worms. The amateur artists Pramila Dugar, Kavita Biyani, Chitra Agarwal, Harkesh Gupta, Pradeep Rawat, Vinay Agarwal, Anil Bothra, Raakesh Jain, Sanjay Dugar, Vinod Mahipal, Shilpa Kedia, Rupalekha Singh and others put in astonishing performance. The drama was intertwined with some of the best ever created music and lyrics on the freedom of India in Chorus. Audience watched the play captivated and sell bound.

Back to School – Antakshari on 14th August 2016 at Homeland Mall Banquet

Back to School Antakshari

The feeling of liveliness and freshness for the soul can best be attained by independence of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. The celebration of ‘Independence’ was very much in tune with the meaning of the term. Creative mind and imagination by team lead byAnand Sureka put forward the theme ‘Masti ki Pathshala’ and instantly imbibed
vivacious and nostalgic feeling into the members. Members were divided into four teams. Immediately, they got benevolent, letting imaginations run wild, burning night lamps for the preparations.

As the President, Dipak Chowdhury declared the show open, PRID Shekhar Mehta, set the ball rolling, playing the role of Virus, giving a lucid, short, crisp and hilarious speech. This brought liveliness in every corner of the auditorium and members got into the characters of their individual roles in the skits prepared by them. The young look, expression and behavior across
every member ruled the show. An amazing medley of events in schools was enacted and each member put in spectacular performance, so much, so that the judgment to choose the best performer was a difficult job. To mention a few, the roles played by Harkesh Gupta, Rashi Mehta, Sudha Rawat, Pushpa Bansal, Rina Bhandari, Pramila Dugar&Pradeep Rawat left members
spell bound.

The building enjoyment and excitement was escalated many times by the tune, music, singing and lyrics – ‘Ae mere watan ke logon’ sung by none other than our dear , melodious – Aparna Biyani. Our great singers – Dipak and Dr. Udey , along with Aparna put together their heart and soul to make the show marvelous. The ‘Antakshri’ was once again conducted by PRID
Shekhar Mehta in a deft, enjoyable and passionate way. The afternoon was interspersed with a wide spread of foods, beverages and deserts starting from churan- chutney, to a sumptuous meal matching the theme. The event was par excellence with an over whelming attendance.

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