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Helping 250 & more children continue education

A Literate India is the most worthwhile dream of every Citizen. Literacy propels the capability of a person by providing him the correct ingredients for decision making in every walk of life. Once literate, a person cannot help but educate his family and ensuring the literacy of his future generations.

The challenges faced by a family of limited means to educate a child in the family are seemingly multiple. Affordability of school fees and education materials and the possibility of putting the child to work to earn money for the family are two prime reasons for children either not getting into schools or for dropouts amongst them. These challenges add a few more dimensions when it comes to a female child who is primarily felt to be destined to domestic chores and in no need of education.

Udaan is a project aimed at tackling these concerns. Through this project, the Club sponsors the education of deserving school going children. The selection of these children are done in consultation with the School Principals or recommendations of club members. About Rs. 7000/- to Rs. 8000/- annually is spent on every child taken into this program. Special focus is on the education of the girl child. The project is aiding the literacy of these children and preventing dropouts. In the last about four years of continuance of this project we have gradually taken the number of students to 100 students.

These numbers can be very easily scaled up to 500 and more and implemented with proficiency in view of our experience and connectivity.

Specification and Technical Details About the beneficiary Children:

We are now catering to 80 students from 14 or 15 schools as per list given below. A majority of the students are students of Arya Vidya Mandir for Girls. The Category of children catered to are from the financially challenged segment of the society with children of rickshaw pullers, auto-rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, maids, security guards and other daily wage earners. The reports of progress of the Children are specially monitored. These students are encouraged to compete and excel. We hold an annual function where we invite these children with the parents and give special recognition to the best amongst them.

Cost per Student:

The average School fees per child in the schools range between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 18000/- annually of which we sponsor in a range of Rs.7000/- to Rs.8000/- as school fees thereby reducing their cost of education significantly. These payments are made directly to Schools.


The impact is significant since we have found a negligible dropout ratio amongst the children taken in this program. Since about 90 percent of these children are girls the impact is that much more. These children are visibly more confident of being able to finish their education and give their heart out.


The beneficiary student and their parents and family and the School staff are the biggest assets of this program. They spread the good word about the supporting organization. The program can be named after the partnering organizations.There is a fair chance that the Schools will put up a plaque in a prominent place recognizing the contribution of the partnering organizations. In the annual function and related literature, the contribution of partnering organization shall be prominently showcased.
The partnering organizations get recognition worldwide since the project is showcased in the Rotary World through website, bulletin and news magazines of the Club. The Club will take due care to publish and print the names of the partners in all publicity campaigns and functions held by the Club all round the year. The corporates can recommend children of their financially challenged staff studying in different schools and we shall take care of these children.


The number of beneficiaries are at all times known. Who knows, some of these children may well take the partnering organization ahead in future.


A dedicated Committee of the Club is always in charge of the Project. The Project is now running for more than four years under the Committee. The entire accountability for the use of the funds shall be with the Club led by the dedicated Committee.


With the joining of hands between the Club and partnering Corporates the Project can be scaled up tremendously. About 500 children can be brought under the program immediately whose school fees upto class XII can be continuously sponsored. Further scale up is also a distinct possibility.

CSR Secretariat : E-302F Kamlalaya Centre, 156A Lenin Sarani, Kolkata – 700 013
CSR Principal Contact: Rtn. Vinay Kumar Agarwal (+91 93310-17111, |

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