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Strengthening Education

Schools are abode of education and co-curricular activities leading to overall development. But then when you visit some of these schools particularly those catering to children coming from economically challenged strata of the Society, you wish that the elementary infrastructure in place for these Schools could be better.

With this view we have decided to take up this task of taking up at least four Schools where the elementary infra needs improvement and to make them happy schools one at a time. Happy because these schools will then have :-

  • Painted and well maintained school building,
  • Clean and hygienic separate toilets for boys and girls,
  • Safe and adequate drinking water for both children and teachers,
  • Library facility for schools with more than 200 students,
  • Uniforms and footwear for every child,
  • Play material, games and sports equipment,
  • Benches and desks for better student teacher interaction, and
  • Well maintained space for teaching staff.

The teachers and students of these Happy Schools will then not have to worry on the lack of elementary infrastructure and the quality of education and overall development of a child shall have a significant improvement.


Specification and Technical Details About the Project:

This project aims to select elementary schools and provide/upgrade infrastructural and/or co-scholastic facilities there to make them secure, attractive and happy learning-teaching places for students and teachers. To begin, the criterion for selection of a school for this project is the absence of at least five (5) of the requisites mentioned in the front page.


The aim is to create a formatted design which can be replicated in all Schools with the necessary local customization. The cost would largely depend on the requirement of each School. Our Sister Club, Innerwheel Club of Calcutta Mahanagar has already in the year before converted one school (Ram Mohan Vidyamadir for Girls with a student strength of 200 situated on EM Bypass, Kolkata) into a Happy School in which they painted corridors and 10 class rooms, put up 40 sets of wooden benches, provided almirah and books for library, replaced eight ceiling fans, distributed woolen uniforms and installed dustbins all at a total cost of Rs. 2.10 lacs. While this cost could be indicative, we have identified a budget of Rs.3 to 5 lacs per School.


Literacy is the key to a civilized, progressive and equitable society. A society which prides it’s equality for women, jobs for all and right for every child has to be literate to realize their true potential. The improvement of facilities will certainly pave the way of improvement of the quality of education and overall development with a cascading effect on the Society at large.


The name of the partnering organization can feature prominently in most of the items provided in the School. There is a fair chance of the School also putting up a plaque recognizing the contribution of the partnering organization in the improvement of the School infrastructure.
The parents, teachers, school authorities and recognize and appreciate the involvement of the partnering organizations in projects such as these, and there is a general sense of goodwill.

In the events organized by the Club at the School or for the children of these Schools, the contribution of partnering organization shall be prominently showcased.

The partnering organizations get recognition worldwide since the project is showcased in the Rotary World through website, bulletin and news magazines of the Club.

The Club will take due care to publish and print the names of the partners in all publicity campaigns and functions held by the Club all round the year.

The corporates can recommend Schools closer to their area of operation which can add goodwill to their presence.


A dedicated Committee of the Club shall be in charge of the Project. The entire accountability for the use of the funds shall be with the Club led by the dedicated Committee.


With the joining of hands between the Club and partnering Corporates we can carry out and increase the number of Happy Schools to be taken in fold.

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