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Darkness To Light

It is difficult to imagine life without any light during night. Power cut spells out maddening difficulties to the daily life. Cooking, Eating, Studying, Working and all other activities come to a complete standstill. If the power cut stretches into a few hours, life becomes unbearable…. so to say. Imagine life without any proper light nights after nights without any end in sight. Complete rural electrification is still some way away and the life in rural villages after dusk is fought with unimaginable difficulties. Even where electrification has happened, the rural population so poor that they are unable to afford electrification for their own house.

Yet some meaningful respite could immediately be given to these village folks by providing them Solar Lamps. These lamps charge themselves during day and are source of light during the darkness of night. Depending on the quality these solar lamps can be procured from Rs.1000/- to Rs.2500/- per pc.

Our this Project aims at distribution of Solar lamps to non electrified villages of rural west Bengal and adjoining States. We have already distributed about 1500 such lamps in Durgapur, Sunderbans and Simultala in Bihar in association with Durgapur Steel Plant and Cognizant. The results have been encouraging to say the least.


Specification and Technical Details About the Project:

The solar lamps aid the lighting of the homes of villagers which help them in multiple ways. Most importantly, it helps the education of children and daily chores of the family.


The cost of each solar lamp varies from about Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 2500/-. Past experience has taught us to go for the higher priced ones which are more reliable and serve for longer hours and period.


The project has an immediate impact in the life and living of a rural family. It gives them a sense a security like nothing else. It also allows them to use the late evenings to meaningful uses.


The name of the partnering organization can feature on each solar lamp.
The recipient family recognize and appreciate the involvement of the partnering organizations and there is a general sense of goodwill.
The partnering organizations get recognition worldwide since the project is showcased in the Rotary World through website, bulletin and news magazines of the Club.
The Club will take due care to publish and print the names of the partners in all publicity campaigns and functions held by the Club all round the year.
The partnering organizations can recommend villages near to its area of operation which can add to their goodwill.


The number of beneficiaries is completely measurable.


A dedicated Committee of the Club is always in charge of the Project and the entire accountability for the use of the funds shall be with the Club led by the dedicated Committee.


With support from partnering organizations, few villages can be identified and supported instantaneously. The numbers could start from 2000 and increased progressively.


CSR Secretariat : E-302F Kamlalaya Centre, 156A Lenin Sarani, Kolkata – 700 013
CSR Principal Contact: Rtn. Vinay Kumar Agarwal (+91 93310-17111, |

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