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There cannot perhaps be anything more degrading for a person, than having to defecate in open in this age of Modern India. This cause of ignominy and indignity is coupled with serious consequences. The womenfolk in particular are compelled to venture out either in the early hour of the day or after the sun-set-both of which make them vulnerable to fall prey in the hands of miscreants, insect bites, snake bites et all. Lack of sanitation or improper sanitation in rural areas cause spread of water borne diseases like cholera, diahorrea. These diseases cause loss of productive manpower, wastage of earning of the poor people, a burden on the state run health-infrastructure.

From the Rotary year starting July 2015, the Club has decided to take up this Project to construct Toilets in identified rural villages in West Bengal. Several sister organizations of Rotary have implemented this Project in different parts of India. Taking a cue from them and the manufacturers, the Club has decided that there could be two options of implementing the Project. One by construction of toilets through brick and mortar and one by putting up pre-fabricated Toilets. The actual usage of the option is left to the logistics of the concerned village.

About the Project:

The primary objective of Project Dignity is to provide the people in rural areas with proper sanitation environment. Both the Central government and State government adopted a number of schemes to improve the need for sanitation in villages. Total Sanitary Campaign, Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan are among those schemes. The demand is however much more than what these projects can cater too. It is time that organizations like ours step forward to eliminate this disgraceful blot in our Society.

Specification and Technical Details Option of Brick & Mortar:

The structure is a completely concrete one. It has got only one pit of depth around 4 ft. The door is made of tin with wooden frames. A schematic diagram is given in image 1.1 aside. The cost of a single pit individual house hold toilet is at least Rs 10,000 (Rupees Ten thousand) only.

Option of Pre-fabricated Toilets:

Pre- fabricated toilet block ( single cubicle ) of size 1.2 mtr. X 1.2 mtr. X with 2.18 mtr. Height with or without quatting plates of dimension 900 x 900 x 75 mm with pvc door & steel ventilator. The price of above varies from Rs. 19,000/- to Rs. 25000/- Each subject to application of side wall of Colour Sheet / G.I. Corrugated Sheet / Cement Board. Designs of some of these toilets are as per images 1.2 to 1.4 aside.

There are certain advantages of install pre- fabricated toilet like:

  • 1) Easy to Install :  If plinth is ready, than it can be installed within a day.
  • 2. Shifting :  If it required to be shifted, it can easily be dismantled and re- erected at different location.
  • 3. Life Span :  Life Span of such structure varies from 10 – 15 years subject to proper maintenance.
  • 4. Re-Sale value : As it is made up from steel materials and have always re- sale value.


The project once implemented will impact not only the beneficiary rural households but also transform the image of the Country worldwide.


The project could be implemented taking one whole village at a time where the name of the partnering organization can feature prominently. The name of the partnering organization shall feature prominently in the Toilets. The government authorities recognize and appreciate the involvement of the partnering organizations and there is a general sense of goodwill.
In the events organized by the Club at the village, the contribution of partnering organization shall be prominently showcased.
The partnering organizations get recognition worldwide since the project is showcased in the Rotary World through website, bulletin and news magazines of the Club.
The Club will take due care to publish and print the names of the partners in all publicity campaigns and functions held by the Club all round the year.
The corporates can recommend villages closer to their area of operation which can add goodwill to their presence.


The number of beneficiaries are at all times known. Who knows, some of these children may well take the partnering organization ahead in future.


A dedicated Committee of the Club shall be in charge of the Project. The entire accountability for the use of the funds shall be with the Club led by the dedicated Committee.


With the joining of hands between the Club and partnering Corporates we can start with at least 500 Rural Toilets.


CSR Secretariat : E-302F Kamlalaya Centre, 156A Lenin Sarani, Kolkata – 700 013

CSR Principal Contact: Rtn. Vinay Kumar Agarwal (+91 93310-17111, |

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